Axe Throwing In Fort Myers, FL

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After spending almost two years throwing axes and hatchets in other cities and venues, we wanted to bring it home to Fort Myers, Florida and our region. Chuck it axe throwing is not about hitting a bullseye or being an expert. It’s about the experience and fun it brings along with it in our beautiful weather!

Client Testimonials

This was a blast! The setup is top quality, and the guy who runs it is a joy to chat with. If you’re looking for some fun and laughter, stop by for sure!

Derrick Walsh

We have thrown with Chuck it Axes a few times now and each experience has been so fun and entertaining! Super friendly staff respond very quickly to any questions you have wether in person or through their FB page. I definitely recommend going out and giving it a try.
Hannah Thielman

So glad this is finally available.on the area. It was a great time. Definetly seek them out on your next play date.


Axe Throwing In Fort Myers Florida Mobile Event Service Chuck It Axes


Our mobile set up can be brought to just about anywhere with a flat 30’ by 30’ area. Each event will have a dedicated coach helping first-timers with how to throw an axe safely and correctly. You can rest assured that we make sure your guests have a memorable experience chuckin’ it! Enjoy fun axe throwing in fort myers.

Axe Throwing In Fort Myers Florida Mobile Event Service Chuck It Axes

Full set up, and removal of our mobile unit on your property.

Axes, hatchets and or Tomahawks for throwing.

Axe Throwing In Fort Myers Florida Mobile Event Service Chuck It Axes
Axe Throwing In Fort Myers Florida Mobile Event Service Chuck It Axes

Staff person, known as a “Chucker” to help teach the groups. With full safety briefing and coaching.

Liability insurance with the option to add anyone or more (venue, land owner, festival, etc) to the policy ensuring any risk is on us and not you.

Axe Throwing In Fort Myers Florida Mobile Event Service Chuck It Axes

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Axe Throwing safe? Are we really throwing axes.

Although Axe throwing is the term we and others around the world use, we don’t throw the typical axe. All of our axes are technically hatchets, half axes or tomahawks that are less than 2.5 lbs and 12-19 inches in length! We have taken a lot of measurements to ensure each of our guests and the venue we are set at are completely safe. Yes, an Axe is a bladed tool that is sharp. While there may be more risk of injury while throwing axes than there would be while picking daisies or sitting at the beach, axe throwing is a safe and exciting activity when done properly.
We provide each of our guests 3-4 minutes of instruction informing you how to avoid any risks and how to safely and properly Chuck it like a pro!

Do you have insurance for this?

We know that insurance is a big thing for venues and we took it to the full extent to make sure our hosts can have us on their property or event with peace of mind. We carry a $1 million policy and will provide a COI before each booking along with carrying hosts on our policy.

What is required of me to be able to throw an Axe?

A positive, patient and ready to try anything attitude. That’s it! Axe throwing can take a bit of technique to master and it’s ok if you don’t hit the bullseye right away. You don’t have to be a some crossfitting athlete to throw an axe either. Each axe weighs around 3 lbs. So if you can chuck a full beer, you can Chuck an Axe. Please refrain from throwing both though. Good beer should not be wasted. 

Axe Throwing In Fort Myers Florida Mobile Event Service Chuck It Axes

About Chuck It Axes.

We are founded by a husband and wife team and we have a passion for bringing people together through fun, interactive experiences.


Our goals, ambitions and inspirations have come together to form a truly amazing company that all of us are proud to be a part of and we look forward to bringing it to you.

We care about our local economy and supporting local businesses and we truly believe Chuck it brings a dynamic that people want and will come out for. Which makes us a perfect addition to breweries, festivals, corporate celebrations, weddings and other social shenanigans.






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